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Precision pressure sensor

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  • Calibration technology
  • High-accuracy pressure monitoring
  • Pressure sensing in critical applications
  • Aerospace

Special features

  • Accuracy: 0.008 % IS-33
  • Measuring range: 10 inH2O ... 1,515 psi (25 mbar ... 101 bar)
  • Temperature compensation: -20 ... +75 °C (-4 ... +167 °F)
  • Temperature output


The model CPT9000 precision pressure sensor is designed to excel in performance and value. With an accuracy of 0.008 % IS-33, a temperature compensation range of -20 ... +75 °C (-4 ... +167 °F), calibration interval of one year and selectable ranges from 10 inH2O ... 1,515 psi (25 mbar ... 101 bar), the CPT9000 stands alone in performance and value. The CPT9000 is at the top of Mensor’s digital pressure sensor line.

The model CPT9000 precision pressure sensor is ideal for OEM instruments that require high accuracy in pressure measurement. Examples are:

  • Flow calibrators, humidity calibrators, pressure controllers
  • For aerospace wind tunnel calibration, automotive sensor testing
  • In the aviation and space industries in general, hydrology and oceanography

Wherever high-accuracy pressure measurement and long-term calibration stability are valued.

The model CPT9000 has an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The RS-485 interface offers multi-drop capability with simple cabling and three different baud rates to choose from.

The sensors can be configured for gauge and absolute pressure for any measuring range within the specified limits. With a recalibration time of 365 days and a high resolution of 8 significant figures, the CPT9000 is flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Precision pressure sensor
  • Precision pressure sensor
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