Electrical accessories - Archive

Model Description Number
Electrical switch contacts AC 08.01
A-RB-1 Digital indicator for panel mounting, 3 ½ digits, 96 x 48 mm, input for standard signals AC 80.04
DI15 Digital indicator for panel mounting, 4-digit, 48 x 24 mm, multi-function input AC 80.01
A-AS-1 Attachable indicator with LED and switch points for pressure transmitters with M12x1 or bayonet connector AC 80.09
IS Barrier Ripetitore di alimentazione a sicurezza intrinseca per applicazioni in aree pericolose AC 80.14
IS Barrier Intrinsically safe repeater power supply AC 80.14
IS Barrier Interface d'alimentation à sécurité intrinsèque pour les applications en zone explosive AC 80.14
IS Barrier Fonte de alimentação intrinsecamente segura para aplicações em áreas classificadas AC 80.14
891.34, 892.34 Transmitters to combine with pressure gauges AC 08.02
WUR-1 Ultra high purity attachable indicator with LED PE 87.20
IS Barrier Eigensicherer Speisetrenner AC 80.14
IS Barrier Separadores galvánicos de seguridad intrínseca AC 80.14
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