Calibration & service center

Not sure where to get your instrument calibrated?

We are your competent partner for calibration of pressure and temperature measuring instruments. Accordingly, WIKA Merna Tehnika d.o.o. offers calibration services in each of the unit areas listed:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Please wait until you have a firm booking before sending equipment to WMT.

If you require a calibration, please discuss your requirements with the relevant contact person who will assist in defining the scope of the work required and  provide a written work order agreement that outlines the cost and time frame for the job. This must be signed and returned before any work can begin.

Report endorsements

WMT calibration test reports are issued under the 17025 ISO/IEC SRPS standard, while verification is done according with the national standards regulations. They are also clearly marked to show additional formal endorsement of their validity by other parties.


Pressure standards provide a commercial calibration and/or verification service for a wide range of pressure measuring instruments. We calibrate instruments of different accuracies such as pressure gauges, transmitters and transducers in our calibration laboratory and at customer locations.


The temperature section of WMT provides a wide range of temperature-related measurement services, including calibration and/or verification, field surveys, and consultancy. We offer routine calibration services in our calibration laboratory and at customer locations for:

  • Direct-reading thermometers (e.g. reading in degrees Celsius), usually with platinum-resistance or thermistor sensors
  • 4-wire industrial platinum-resistance thermometers
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermistors
  • liquid-in-glass thermometers
  • Dial thermometers

Our calibration laboratory has been accredited since 2003


Calibration services