Analytic instruments

Discharges during switching operations in SF6 gas-filled plant lead, over time, to increased concentrations of toxic and highly corrosive decomposition products. The use of gas analysis instruments is absolutely necessary to monitor the concentration of harmful decomposition products, thus ensuring long-term plant safety.

WIKA offers a complete product line for gas analytics with instruments for measuring individual decomposition products, through multi-analysers with pump-back functionality, to high-precision laboratory equipment.

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How long does a gas analysis measurement take?

On average, the measuring time is 7.5 minutes. After about two minutes, the first measurement results are shown on the display. The measuring time of the gas analysis can be reduced by the user. If the values are already outside the limits, the measurement can be s ... More

What should be considered when reducing the measuring time?

When the measuring time is reduced, the factory settings are also changed at the same time. Depending on the selected configuration of your model, this may result in the particularly sensitive sensors measuring outside the specifications given in the data sheet.

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