In our section “Diaphragm seal systems” you will find a selection of the common combinations of diaphragm seals with pressure measuring instruments. All the diaphragm seal systems presented here feature fast availability and are particularly suitable for demanding measuring tasks in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, food and beverage industries etc.. The complete WIKA diaphragm seal portfolio can be found in the “Diaphragm seals” section.

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How can the response time with a diaphragm seal system be influenced?

The response time of a diaphragm seal is influenced by the viscosity of the system fill fluid and the configuration of the capillary.

What influence does the volume have on a diaphragm seal system?

When connecting a diaphragm seal to a pressure measuring instrument, the diaphragm seal must deliver a working volume that is at least equal to the control volume of the pressure measuring instrument. Under real operating conditions, it must be considered that, thr ... More

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